PreBreak Tonight!

Hey volunteers!

We hope you’re all pumped for PreBreak tonight! Just a reminder that it will take place in Metcalf at the GSU at 7pm. We can’t wait to finally meet all of you! Suchie and I have been in contact with our site quite a bit the last couple weeks and we have lots of information (and candy) to share with you. See ya later! :]


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25 days until…SPRING BREAK!!!

So Spring Break is just around the corner…4 Saturdays from now!  We are excited to meet all of our volunteers soon, and just because we can’t help ourselves, we’ve created a facebook group! Checkity check it out.  Also, here is song number 724 from the list of 1000 songs that include “Memphis” in their lyrics Kelsey found on the interweb.  Enjoy!

ASB love,

Suchie and Kelsey


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OH HEY, Mystery Volunteers!

So first thing’s first: The big day (REGISTRATION – duh!) has come and gone, and Suchie and I were super excited to hear that our trip filled up so quickly! Unfortunately we won’t get a list of who signed up for a few more days, and we are simply DYING with anticipation to find out who you are!! Soooo if you’re headed to Memphis with us don’t hesitate to contact us! Let the stalking begin… Comment here, add us on Facebook  and/or stop by the CSC on a Tuesday between 2-4pm to catch us during our office hours.  We can’t wait to start getting to know all of you! Seriously though. We can’t handle it.

In other news… Today we are working hard to get some delicious meals donated for the trip, and the more restaurants we call the more I am beginning to believe in Southern hospitality. Everyone we’ve talked to so far has been so friendly! We will eat like kings. Fa sho.

Okay but seriously. Let’s be real. The main point of this post is CONTACT US. Right now. Go.

— Kelsey and Suchie

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Just Sayin’…

I know where I’d rather be…

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Registration is coming up!

Hey everyone! Kelsey here. Just got home from night #2 of the ASB Info Fair. It was really awesome to meet some potential volunteers, and Suchie and I were super excited to hear that Memphis (the best trip) is a top pick for several of you! Excellent choice 🙂

With Spring Break suddenly less than two months away, Suchie and I will be updating this a lot with more information about the details of our trip, the service we’ll be doing, and anything else we think you’ll enjoy – so keep an eye out!

For now though, if you can’t get enough ASB excitement, make sure to check out our Fundraising Concert on Saturday, 8:30PM at BU Central. There will be comedy, music, dance, surprise prizes AND pizza, not to mention the chance to spend some more time getting to know all the coordinators! What more could you want??

Oh, and MOST IMPORTANTLY: Don’t forget about REGISTRATION this Sunday! It opens at 8AM and spots will go quickly so get on early and if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Spots will open throughout the morning!

Have a good week and I hope to see you Saturday for the concert! Seriously, all the cool kids will be there. You don’t want to miss it. 🙂

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Looking forward to Spring Break…

Oh hey there! So today it’s cold, cloudy, and finals are looming in the not-so-distant future. Suchie and I are on the hunt for distractions, and what could be better than blogging about our upcoming trip to sunny Memphis?! Answer: nothing. Obviously.

To raise some moral before a final push through finals, here’s a list of the Top 10 things we are looking forward to on our trip!

1. WARMTH. Okay, so according to our research (Wikipedia, we love you), the average high temp. for March is 63.3 degrees. Not exactly tropical, but we’ll take it!

2. Finding out who the coolest kids at BU are — aka the one’s who choose to join us on our trip! Seriously though, we cannot wait for registration in January, when we will finally know who our awesome ASBers are!

3. An epic road trip (20 something hours?) with some even more epic jam sessions, including obligatory tributes to some Memphis natives such as Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Isaac Hayes and B.B. King. Any additional suggestions for the playlist are welcome!

4. Meeting some truly inspirational children and families, and having a great time hanging out with them!

5. Experiencing some Memphis eating – did you know we’re going to a city that’s famous for incredible barbeque?! We’ll definitely have to check that out.

6. LINE DANCING. Enough said.

7. Site seeing! We’ve heard that Graceland is awesome, and we’ll be staying really close to the Memphis Zoo! There’s also the Walk of Fame on Beale St. and some very cool parks. We definitely won’t be bored. Ever.

8.  Maybe some paranormal activity? Memphis is a city famous for ghost sightings… just saying :]

9. Did we mention the LINE DANCING?

10. Making new friends and having the experience of a lifetime with our superstar ASBers!

So clearly we have a whole lot to look forward to, and much more that wouldn’t fit on the list. Definitely enough to last us through the winter, we think. Future ASB volunteers, we hope you’re super excited too! Good luck with finals and have an excellent winter break!

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First Blog!

Howdy folks!

Kelsey and Suchie, here.  We’re just getting started on making awesome plans for Spring Break and we’re excited to share some of the information we have so far.  Our site contact, Sarah, is really great! She’s already given us an idea about what types of activities we should expect for the week.  Basically, this includes daily chores around the Target House in the morning followed by super fun activities with the kids in the evening.  More information about that to come.  Also, so far we know that we’ll be staying at a high school right next door to the Target House, which is great!  Currently, we’re working on our trip packet, so we’ll be sure to give you a little preview of that in the near future.

Lastly, we WILL be sharing short bios about ourselves in our next blog post, so keep an eye out for that!


Kelsey and Suchie

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